Adamani is the romantic/friendship pairing of Adam Moore and Stefani Hudson.

First Look

Not that much is known about Adam and Stefani. What is known is that she was very mean to Adam throughout Middle School and High School.

Stefani's Crush

Stefani's crush on Adam was only discovered in 9th grade, when Adam said "Damn, she looking fine" with a smirk. She did pushed it down, but it was ultimately growing when he kept saying very clever pick-up lines.

When One Made a Move

Stefani made a move when she met Adam on the street, yet again. She kissed him with "all her might" and it was recorded by Trevor, one of school "lazy students". That eventually got on to youtube, but was removed within an hour.


Stefani, just 1 hour ago apologized for her actions and they somehow started a new friendship. It has been rumored that they are together, as they were spotted by Audrey Johnson, holding hands in the Mall.

Adamani Supporters

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