Akira Fujioka is a student at Ouran Academy and the twin of Ayaka Fujioka. Akira is outgoing and reckless, much like a wild child. Akira is also very flirtatious and humorous, being the life of the party anytime you see her. Akira is also skilled in Krav Maga and is more popular than her sister, being a friend of Angelika Reyes. She is portrayed by the South-Korean actress, singer, and dancer Park Shin-hye.

Akira Fujioka
Some attributes
First DOB: March 24th, 1998 (17)
Second Personality: Outgoing, reckless, optimistic, joyful, humorous, flirtaious.
Third Supernatural Powers: Caprine Physiology
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Balance
Feline Physiology
Fire Breath
Snake Physiology
Other attributes
Fourth Character Creator: POTF
Fifth Clique: Wild Child
Sixth Actress: Park Shin-hye
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