This is the romantic ship of Audrey Johnson and Dean Winchester. They are not together, HOPEFULLY for now.

When they met.

Dean was a new student and was introduced in history class. After the class, Audrey showed Dean around school. Tiffany beat Dean up at Starbucks after seeing his old notes and texts on his phone. So then Audrey took him to the school nurse.

Friend zone.

Dean and Audrey pretty much became friends after that. Dean is starting to like Audrey, not just for his revenge, but is starting to truly like her, more then a friend.

Bad terms...

After Dean got drunk at Coco's party, he went a little nuts and hurt Audrey, so Audrey was avoiding him, acting like she never seen him before in her life.

Support and love <3

After Audrey's parents died, Tiffany had Dean take care of her while she was depressed. After she was better, they kissed and now Were all assuming that they became a couple. <3

Friendly breakup

Well, Dean had to go to the other realm for hunting, he left a note for Audrey saying he couldn't visit her to the other realm because Allegra closed the portals so the demons can't get out. Soo, that was pretty much a breakup.

Back to- noo, not really

Dean got to the new school, Ouran, to see Audrey, Tiffany walked in the room, Dean and Tiffany automatically started fighting, after they finished there fighting, Audrey just decided to clean up the classroom, and leave to first period, she just wanted to ignore the fact he's back..

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