Audren is the romantic ship of Audrey Johnson and Jenson Anderson. They did break up, but they are now back together. Then broke up again, which is sad for all there major supporters.

First Look

Not much is known about their "first look" but they merely interacted until Sophmore year. And they somehow "bonded over" Audrey's purple foam letters on her locker. They both were interested in learning more about each other.

How They "Clicked"

They were tons of stuff about why they were friends, but one of the huge reasons why is because they're both awkward. They say awkward things, have extremely long awkward silences. They're just awkward, and that's what they love about each other.

When They First Started

When they first started was when they were close to death, and they both exchanged "I love you's". As a result of that, they both started dating and mostly everyone was supportive of it.


They broke up a day after Beth Kim, one of Jensen's former girlfriend's spilled most of his secrets and drove Audrey to tears. Audrey did forgive him, but she knew that Jensen had many more secrets and broke up with him via text (bad move, Audrey). They ended it on bad terms.

Back Together

Jensen warned Audrey about Ryan, and since Audrey didn't believe him, Audrey went to prom with him anyway. But, Ryan put something in Audrey's water, a date rape drug to be exact and Beth found it out. Ryan got arrested and now Jensen and Audrey are happily back together.


They broke up again after Audrey caught Jensen making out with a girl.

Audren Supporters

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