Ayaka Fujioka is a student at Ouran Academy. She is a Chimera, along with her twin, Akira, and they're both from Rhodes, Greece. Akaya is shy and usually nervous, being with her twin at all times and very pessimistic. Ayaka has always been an honor roll student and does not like to draw that much attention to herself. Ayaka is portrayed by South Korean singer and songwriter IU.

Ayaka Fujioka
Some attributes
First DOB: March 24th, 1998 (17)
Second Personality: Sheepish, quiet, intelligent, bright, friendly, pessimistic, responsible, caring.
Third Supernatural Powers: Caprine Physiology
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Balance
Feline Physiology
Fire Breath
Snake Physiology
Other attributes
Fourth Character creator: POTF
Fifth Actress: IU
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