• GracieLazyCrazy2115

    New school!

    December 2, 2015 by GracieLazyCrazy2115

    This is our first blog update, but we would like to announce that all Supernatural creatures in the roleplay will be going to a new academy in Enchancria called, Legarth, Academy of the Supernatural. This idea was inspired by Princess of the Fandoms. So give Reign a virtual round of appluase! So, that's the update, this is short because it's the first one, and anyways, enjoy!

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  • GracieLazyCrazy2115

    Hey guys, SOO sorry I'm not on, I have to get caught up with school and such, just I have a requestttt....

    PLEASE make blog posts about what happened on the RP sessions, I want to know so I know whats happening so when I get back, I won't be confused, thanks for understanding, SOO sorry I got behind on school and what happened, bye..~Grace


    Don't involve my characters in something huge and such without permission pweasee~Grace

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    Look at her

    Look at me

    Who's the girl you wish to see?

    Obviously ain't me

    'Cuz you know

    The wannabe's better

    Look across a crowded room

    See glitter and smell perfume

    And there she is, standing there

    With her perfect American girl hair

    While I'm just at the back,

    Apparently to her "sniffing crack"

    But you wouldn't care,

    'Cuz the wannabe's better

    A few months into dating

    She's acting pretty shady

    With her big blonde hair frickin everywhere

    Obviously she doesn't want to share

    And she threatens me, even more

    And I'm just laying at the sandy shore

    But you wouldn't care

    'Cuz she's everywhere


    Well ultimately, she's better

    Then you realize she's cheating

    I thought it was a good beating

    And you went to me, seeked for advice

    It really was the wrong time

    And a few months l…

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  • GracieLazyCrazy2115

    Hey, I'm sorry I wasn't on that much today, or the past few days, Everytime I wake up, that is like 11 or 10, (For three hour time difference is 2 for 11, 1 for 10, :P ) I usally get about 5 minutes of time to myself on the computer, then my cousin tells me to get ready to go to the new house. *sigh* I think tomorrow will be the last day for that, HOPEFULLY my family and I will finish early. Until then, your weird yet awesome friend, Grace~

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  • Princess of the Fandoms


    I woke up with the sun rising before me

    And a eagle flying across the suns

    With my great big flag hung over me

    I just never wanted to run

    So hello America

    How are you today?

    With my great big flag hung over me

    I never want to run away

    With all the great big flags I see before me

    I know this is a land of the glad's

    Yeah hello America

    How are you today?

    With all the beautiful, beautiful places

    Who would want to run away?

    I love you, America

    I ain't running away

    And the places, places

    And people, people

    I'm never gonna stray

    Yeah, because America

    It's the place for me today

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    For the Art and the English Classes, there will be a field trip starting on Saturday, November 21st, 2015 to Monday, December 14th, 2015. They will not miss any school, as many teachers will accompany them on this field trip. This field trip is as optional as it is free, but don't fret to donate some money to the school. They will not need a lunch either; they'll be able to eat AND shop with the school's budget and generous donations. 

                                                                  Chaperones & Teachers:

    Lindsay Claudette

    Clayton Willett

    Mr. Blanchard

    Remy Johannesburg

    Harry Twisleton

    Sam Winchester


    As we stated earlier, you do not have to pay for this fiel…

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  • GracieLazyCrazy2115

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  • Falcon Takanashi

    dude, I need your help. my dad is going for Audrey's mom and I can't explain it to AJ. we need to stop them dating.


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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    If you love him, that should be the only priority. And if he breaks your heart, I have the break-up kit in my bedroom. Anyway, I wish you the best of the best.

    From, Beth

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  • GracieLazyCrazy2115

    Going to check out a house, so I am going to go bye guys!

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  • GracieLazyCrazy2115

    Dear diary, I got back together with Jensen today, and when I told my parents what happened, they grounded me for a week, and yeah... Well anyways, I have to clean right now. Goodbye Diary ~Audrey

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  • GracieLazyCrazy2115

    Hey Beth, I got back together with Jensen, I know it may seem stupid, I just want to be with him, to me it seems like he changed, I know it's stupid, I just think that I should give him one more try. Please respond back ASAP.

    Your friend, Audrey

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    Hello, my babies! Hello my ragtime gals! Just kidding. My mom had that on for a while, though. Anyway, so my flirty pink panthers, today was SOOO eventful. I'll just slowly break it down for you. Just kidding! Anyway, so my friend's ex-boyfriend was stalking her. And I hated it. He was like "I wasn't lying". He's my ex too, and he always makes a pouty face with a wink if he's lying. So I obviously shoved him. No one f--king lies to Beth Kim! And yeah, this IS a short blog. But anyway, one of my friends, Adam wanted to get some Pizza. Bout to, but my friend called and you can't f--king turn down a best friend! So, I went. Also, girls, I'm going to show you a recipe for some good bars, that are also organic!


    • Organic chocalate that…

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  • GracieLazyCrazy2115

    Dear diary, I changed myself today, I went to the mall, got a piercing on my Bpe, and got a tattoo that is a rose on the right side, and I had a slumber party with Beth, Cindy, Mindy, and Tiffany. I dyed my hair a rainbow color, then Jensen asked me to meet him and he would leave me alone if I did. When I got home I noticed a small white box and a note, I was to tired to read it, so Beth, Tiffany, and I went to sleep at my room. we took all of our matresses in the house besides Cindy and Mindy's and laid it all on the floor. So we all slept on the floor with matresseses. then we watched a horror film that was to scary for Cindy and Mindy, so they would leave. It was awesome, but the characters are stupid, the lead male in the movie was lik…

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    This is just what Beth got at the mall. But anyway, enjoy! (Thank you for looking)

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    Jenson. Even that one word makes me feel like I don't belong. His secrets are too hard to keep sometimes. It's sad for Audrey to put up with him. He's a liar, a cheat.. There even is some secrets he hasn't told me. And to be honest, I don't care what happens to him. I want him out of my sight, out of mind, out of this school. He made me feel like pure shit. And as he might've forgot, karma's a bitch.


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  • GracieLazyCrazy2115

    Dear diary, well today I met a girl named Beth, I found out Jensen kept a HUGE secret from me, he had sex with some girl named Taylor Williams back in middle school. Thanks to Beth, we almost broke up, and I found out that he is related to Ryley. I dont know why I forgave him... I'm acting so stupid, one side of me is telIing me I need him, and the other side of me is telling me screw him. I honestly don't know what to do. I need to sleep, until then, goodnight diary.

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    These are all the accpeted characters! There is also a slideshow if needed. And if you still want to audition, just press Audition 

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

     As a person, people call me cruel. As Ryley Vincent, call me a sweet little chimpmunk. Now, now, I'm very cruel. I can snap your neck faster then someone can sip some well desrerved tea. And I'm not ashamed. Some people deserve to be hurt, and I guess I do too. But the universe doesn't hate me.. yet. And why would they? I seem as delicate as a daisy, but hurts like thorns inside. I'm the world's most perfect puzzle. And there will be people wondering "How could she get away with this?".

     People never get the chance to say one word. They're already killed halfway.

      It might seem crazy, but the best thing in the word is cruelness. Viciousness. Trouble. All of those create chaos. 

    Call me a pot stirrer, but the world is going to be screaming p…

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  • GracieLazyCrazy2115

    Audrey's Diary

    August 13, 2015 by GracieLazyCrazy2115

    Dear Diary, Well today I just took a trip to the doctors, got my arm fixed because I almost died today... I told Jensen how I felt about him. Then when we survived he didn't tell me how he felt. So I just gave up and picked a flower, It said he loves me. I know it is fake, and I'm acting stupid, but tommorow when I go to school I will give him his glasses and phone I owe him. I really hope Jensen feels the same way about me. Mom called, I have to go pick up, then ask them why they hid the fact  that they were divorced, and if my dad is really gay. I listened to this song called, "If I die young" and it so fit what happened today. So I have to clean Mindy and Cindy's room. Well goodnight diary.

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  • Princess of the Fandoms


    August 13, 2015 by Princess of the Fandoms

    As you can tell by the blog name, UPDATES! So, here are obviously, the updates!

    1. Jenson is availabilie! I have resigned from the role, as it's very hard to control 3 characters at once.
    2. So is Stefani! It's VERY, VERY hard to be 3 characters at once. So, you can auditon to be Stefani if you fill out the bottom quiz or so.
    3. Owen Young is not availabile! That was a mis-type. So, I am very sorry to anyone who was going to auditon.
    4. We are thinking of starting a "Ladies of History" SPAM TEAM. So, if you are interested, contact me to learn more.

           That's it! And if you are auditioning to be an open character, the quiz is below! Thank you all!

                                                                             'Quiz (in-character)

    1. How would yo…

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  • Princess of the Fandoms

    Hello people of the wiki! I am a new admin, (please call me POTF) and Gracie has asked me to help with the wiki. Now, people of the wiki, you also need to! So, we are asking for auditions for characters. (you can make multiple characters, just on different posts). Thank you for reading this!


    Full Name:



    DOB: (Date of Birth)

    Eye and Hair Color:

    Appearance/Fashion Sense:





    (You will also need a photo for each character, or else it won't get admitted. And make sure the actress/actor wasn't used before! If it was, only the better application will be considered/added)

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