Chan (Charlotte & Dean) is the romantic/friendship ship of Dean Winchester & Charlotte Schull. They have known each other for 3 years, both being Allegra's prodigies. Dean had a little crush on Charlotte before, but it's gone.. Or is it? They are currently broken up.

When they First Met

Allegra, knowing all the names of the people in the world, hired Charlotte to find Dean and bring him to her. Charlotte searched the globe, but eventually found him in Santa Ana, California. She traveled back to her original realm and they became quick friends, both being smart and fast. She also taught him some of her tricks, such as tackling and clever/witty remarks.


Charlotte usually beats Dean at fighting, in a dress or not. That gets him lots of jokes from Charlotte, and when he beats her, she gets a little nuts and turns into a fox and.. well, if it was fight, she beats him. But even if it's a "tie", one of them still gets to fight the other.

Audrey's Interference

As Dean got to know Audrey, it was hard to travel back and forth between Earth and other realm. He eventually started coming late or not coming at all. This put a strain on Dean and Charlotte's relationship, but when Dean finally told Audrey, they started to grow on each other again, Dean slightly growing back his crush on Charlotte.

Relationship Start

After Charlie invited Dean to a club, they kissed and started dating a day later. Dean hardly talked to Audrey because of that, which is very ironic. But Charlie had some secrets that she just couldn't tell Dean, which made Dean get suspicious.

End of Relationship

Charlie finally revealed to Dean she was a lesbian and had no romantic feelings for him. This had hurt Dean, but he knew that if he came after her then it'll make him a horrible person. They ended it on good terms, them knowing each other for 3 years and knowing that'll all be okay.


  • Dean is male while Charlie is female.
  • Dean has sandy brown hair while Charlie has black hair.
  • Charlie is a native of Enchancria while Dean is a Californian.
  • Dean experiments with his clothes but Charlie mostly wears black.
  • Charlie listens more, following directions while Dean is a bit rebellious.
  • Dean knew Audrey before she came into the realm, while Charlie just heard her name.
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