The scariest monsters are the ones lurking around in our souls.
―Edgar Allen Poe
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Full Name: Ethel Rowena Black

Gender: Female

Age: Immortal

Species: White Eyed-Demon

Regeneration Date (Date of Birth): 1682

Eye Color: Violet

Hair Color: Smooth black

Appearance/Fashion Sense: Ethel has a Victorian Goth style which consists of top hats and amulets. Her dresses are usually colored black, dark grey, dark purple or navy, and they are usually ruffled & long, going down to the floor. Her look is completed with big and tall boots with lots of buckles.

Backstory: Ethel was stationed in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1692-1693 Salem witch trials. She had taken the identity of Harriet Abernathy, a witch who had practiced magic illegally before. "Harriet" had killed 2 reverends and barely escaped burning to death. She was stationed in many places before turning the age of 200, now able to control herself and station herself instead.

Personality: Ethel is clever and logical, knowing what to do and when just at the right time. Her powers are very useful because of how she knows how to control them and she's very convincing. She is musically talented, manipulative, and doesn't care about other people's family or well-being before killing them.

Actress: Unknown.

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