Full Name: Hagetta Rosemary Crimstone

Gender: Female

Age: 55

DOB (Date of Birth): December 11th, 1960

Eye and Hair Color: Dark brown eyes and short raven hair.

Appearance/Fashion Sense: Her style is business-woman like and professional, her closet complete with tunics and pencil skirts. She usually wears black and her makeup is lightly done when she sports makeup, and she hardly sports it at all.

Species: Crone

Personality: Hagetta is strict and serious, being a head of a dormitory. Hagetta is a no-nonsense and rubbish teacher, speaking loud and clear when talking to students. She's smart and powerful, being an aged Crone, and she never turns a blind eye to foolishness.

Clique: The Staff of Legarth, Academy of the Supernatural

Actress: Helena Bonham Carter

Character creator: Princess of the Fandoms

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