Kesha Adams
Some attributes
First DOB: June 19th, 1998 (17)
Second Personality: Obsessive, wild, sweet, reckless, helpful, ditzy, mischievous.
Third Clique: Wild Child/Party Girl
Other attributes
Fourth Actress: Avril Lavigne
Fifth Availability: Taken by: FluffyKitty1

Kristine Daniella "Kesha" Adams is a student at Ouran Academy. Kesha is a reckless and wild person, loving to do things out of the ordinary. She also likes to have fun and is very mischievous, getting her in a lot of trouble sometimes. Her parents sent her to Ouran because of her troublesome personality, but because of her stubbornness and sometimes sarcastic personality, she won't budge at all. She is a fan of The Factionless and Nirvana and she ships Xandrey.

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