Kristen Manning
Some attributes
First Personality: Sweet, tomboyish, rebellious, caring.
Second DOB: June 17th, 1998 (17)
Third Clique: Outsiders
Other attributes
Fourth Actress: Ashley Benson
Fifth Character creator: Princess of the Fandoms
Sixth Availability: Taken by Survivor321
 Krirsten Rose Manning is a current student at OCD and a former cheerleader of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, OCD's elite cheerleading squad. She despises queen bees and wannabees, despite her former social rank, and is estranged best friends with Stefani Hudson. She's apart of OCD's student council and glee club, a werewolf, and cares a lot for her friends.
  • Krirsten with her natural brunette hair.
  • Krirsten with her blonde and purple-streaked hair.
  • Krirsten with her infamous ginger hair.
  • Krirsten's blonde and current hair.
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