Lucretia "Lucy" Kiera Clarke is a Darklighter/Necromancer hybrid who goes to Legarth, Academy of the Supernatural. Her father, Redbyrne Clarke, a follower of Indominus, killed her mother when she was three. Since then, she has lived under the protective care of Allegra, (until it was the appropriate age to go to Legarth) staying in her home near The Stone Village, and being supervised by Allegra's house elf, Goody. She is in the Elohi house and her portrayer is Phoebe Tonkin.


Her Legarth ID.

Lucretia Clarke
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black (natural)
Dark brown and bright orange ombre (currently)
Eye Color: Olive
Birthday: April 26th, 1999
Height: 5'10
Address: Enchancria
Occupation(s): Student at Legarth, Academy of the Supernatural
Aliases: Lucy (nickname)
Family & Friends
Family: Redbyrne Clarke (father)
Allegra (legal guardian)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Friends: Tiffany Furr, Maree Claudette, Audrey Johnson
Pet(s): Roux (phoneix)
Garrison (owl, deceased)
Enemies: Redbyrne Clarke
Other Information
Interests: Writing
Education: Legarth, Academy of the Supernatural
Talent: Writing
Strengths: Teleportation
Communicating with the Dead
The Touch of Death
Weaknesses: Her longing for a family member to love and care for her
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