Full Name: Noiz Yukine. (He is from Japan, hence the Japanese last name

Gender: Male

DOB (Date of Birth): June 23, 1998

Eye and Hair Color: Purple-ish, red-ish hair, Golden eyes

Appearance/Fashion Sense: Wears a lot of leather, a really punk way of dressing back in Japan.

Backstory: Noiz Hails from Japan, meeting Tiffany when he was around 9, and she was 8. Even by that age, Noiz was a very skilled Gang leader, already having a tattoo (A tear under his left eye). When he met Tiffany, her mother had yet to get sick, and Tiffany had no fighting skills what-so-ever. Taking pity on her, he decided to teach her how to fight. They trained for a year together, and eventually became best friends. When Tiffany had to go back to America, Noiz was devastated. Now, 8 years later, he attempts to find his old friend. After some research using the internet, he locates her school and, flying across the seas, transfers to her school! Realizing he has no where to go, he is forced to stay at Tiffany's house, which does not bother her one bit, considering they were, and are, best friends. But, will something more form out of the friendship?

Personality: Carefree, but when it comes to the people he loves getting hurt, he becomes deadly serious. He is oblivious so many things, including people's feelings, but once in a blue moon, he will say something wise. He is very open, not bothering to hide his feelings about anyone or anything.

Clique: N/A

Actor/Actress: Mizuki from DRAMAtical Murder/Lee Min-ho

Taken by Sk8ter

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