Remy in her were-cat form, transformed which also gives her a high sense of smell.

Remy Avery Johannesburg is a student at OCCC (Orange County Community College) and a werewolf in Leon's pack. She's actually a were-cat, mixture of wolf and cat, which causes her to be laughed at & made fun of by her peers, but when she transforms, they realize she's more terrifying than ever. She's also a ex-fiance, but she won't tell to who.

Remy Johannesburg
Some attributes
First DOB: April 12th, 1992 (23)
Second Personality: Funny, hard-working, annoying, hopeless romantic, (sometimes) terrifying.
Third Supernatural Powers:
Mythological Mimicry
Super Speed
Regenerating Healing Factor
Other attributes
Fourth Actress: Kat Graham
Fifth Character creator: POTF
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