Sofia Adelia Ramirez is a student at Ouran Academy and a waitress at her father's bar and grill, "Ramirez Kitchen". She is best friends with Jaime Fitzroy, which is ironic because of their very different personalities. Sofia is also very flirtatious and courageous, causing her to turn boys' heads and is very optimistic and outgoing, causing her to have a lot of friends and minor acquaintances. Sofia is portrayed by Bulgarian actress Nina Dobrev.

Sofia Ramirez
Some attributes
First DOB: November 26th, 1998 (17)
Second Personality: Mischievous, flirtatious, outgoing, optimistic, sassy, courageous.
Third Species: Gypsy
Other attributes
Fourth Actress: Nina Dobrev
Fifth Character creator: Princess of the Fandoms
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