The Wikia Community Team are members of the Wikia Staff who help to support and grow all of our wiki communities. We work on a variety of projects and are who you can turn to with questions or concerns. Meet the members of the team below!

Community Support Team

The Community Team are Wikia staff members who can help with any issues on any Wikia site.

Contact us using Special:Contact and let us know how we can help you with your wiki and community.

Jen BurtonJen
Jen Burton is Wikia's VP, Community Support and will help our Community Support team as we work to support all of Wikia’s community members -- editors, founders, admins, readers, and visitors. She occasionally posts amazing photos of her dog Falkor at
Sannse Carter is the longest-standing member of the Community Support Team at Wikia. One of her passions (aside from wikis, of course) is making jewelry. She's collected hundreds of different beads, with lava stone among her favorites. You can find her hanging out on Community Central and visiting the amazing variety of wikis across Wikia. Feel free to say hello, and let her know what your favorite type of jewelry is -- she loves seeing new designs!
Bert Hall Bert
Bert has past experience helping online communities use web-based software. He's focused on helping the voice of the community make it to the ears of the Wikia Product team, and ensuring that Wikia users are up to date on new developments. Favorite interests and activities include comics, science fiction, horror, comedy, pop music, life sciences, astronomy and cryptozoology.
100pxTim Quievryn
Tim Quievryn, commonly known as "Q", has been editing wikis since 2004 and been working here at Wikia since mid-2009. Stock car racing, photography, and hiking are his main hobbies, but he loves staying to learn a little bit about the topic of each wiki he helps out. Seek him out via email support, talk page, or Community Central Chat. He'll be glad to talk to you!
AvatarTim Bartel
Tim Bartel is responsible for Wikia International, with a focus on Wikia Germany. In the online world, people usually know him as Avatar, a nickname chosen from the famous Ultima roleplay game series which he first played on his Commodore 64. He considers himself to be an early adopter, especially since he entered the realm of cyberspace back in the late '80s with an acoustic coupler. He's been interested in wikis for more than 10 years. In his free time, he enjoys eating very spicy Thai food and he loves his two cats.
User:Mighty No. 9
Luis is a a huge Soccer fan! He loves the FIFA series and likes spending time editing the FIFA 14 wiki. After completing his military service, Luis spent many years working in the Video Game industry and absolutely loves video games. He had the pleasure of working on some really popular titles such as the Naruto, One Piece, Tales, SoulCalibur, Tekken, and Ace Combat series. He is also a huge fan of other sports, comics, movies, tv, and board games.
User:Brandon Rhea
Brandon spends most of his time at Wikia helping users through community support, as well as working with adoption requests and other issues users need help with. In his free time, he is a Bureaucrat on the Star Wars Fanon wiki, an awesome repository for fan-made Star Wars stories, and he's also building the Alternative Star Wars Saga wiki to chronicle his own fan fiction. He's also involved with the Boy Scouts of America. If you need any help, feel free to let him know!
Wendy loves gardening, particularly flowers and vegetables, although she seems to be growing an ever-increasing number of fruit bushes and trees as well! She lived in the Netherlands for a few years, and tulips have been her favorite flower ever since -- she as as many in my yard as the bunnies let her grow. At Wikia, you'll find her on Community Central or the Muppet Wiki, which she's been editing since 2005. Feel free to drop by with any questions or just to say hello!
AntonioAntonio R.
Antonio is focused in the Spanish communities. He's from Spain, and loves contributing to our Spanish Gaming and Entertainment wikis -- especially GTA wiki. If you need help in Spanish, he's your guy. He helps new wikis grow, and you can find him on Spanish Wikia Central, or on any Spanish wiki. Stop by and say hola!
Sean comes to Wikia from the world of video game publishing, where he has applied his legal background in ways carefully calculated to let him have as much fun as possible. He loves all things geeky, including but not limited to, video games, comic books, movies, books, and gadgets. He also enjoys writing either at his blog Semantic Drift, brewing beer, or traveling.
Kirkburn, sometimes known as George, joined the Community Support team in late 2012, having been a product manager at Wikia for several years. Kirkburn is not a recovering WoW-addict - indeed, he has not stopped playing since launch day in 2005, and it was joining WoWWiki a year later that got him into wikis. (He does play other games too.) He trained as a Civil Engineer, but is not going to make any jokes about 'building bridges with the community' here.
Rappy Rappy
User:Rappy 4187
Rappy has been editing Wikia since 2008, and joined the VSTF in March 2012 and later hired on as a Community Support team member. You can find him playing Aion and editing at the Aion Wiki in his spare time.
Mira is focused on our German and International communities. Mira's background is gaming so he is excited to be contributing to his favorite game wikis. Besides gaming, he is a sport fanatic, so if you like Basketball or play NBA2k12/13 make sure to let him know!
Lucho Lucho
Lucho is focused in both English and Spanish communities. Lucho is really excited to explore more the Wikia gaming communities since he used to work as part of the Community Support team for a video game publisher. He likes to explore new restaurantes to satisfy his palate and enjoys organizing things!

Community Development Team

Michael is the Director of Community Development, and has been with Wikia since May of 2013. Michael is a classical music fanatic, avid hiker and wannabe foodie, who can frequently be found lurking around the Lifestyles communities, searching for new recipes. 
Before joining Wikia in 2007, Joe built and managed video game fansites while working in the retail industry. He also owned and operated a small retail business for a short time. These days, he is responsible for monitoring and fulfilling requests for help from wiki admins.
Kate Moon has been at Wikia for the past 2 years working in Entertainment and occasionally Lifestyles. She has an undying love of vampires (the cool kind, not Twilight), graphic novels, and fantasy like LOTR and Harry Potter. She's also an avid foodie and can/will spend hours arguing over whether Superman should be with Lois Lane or Wonder Woman.
AbbottScott Abbott
Scott Abbott, commonly know to staff as "Abbott," joined the Community Development team in March of 2010 after being discovered grammar-policing by Sena Hineline (then, Roth). Originally from California's central coast, and now hailing from central Oregon, he has been computer gaming since 1979 (Apple II+), has been online since 1987 (GEnie), and online gaming since 1988 (Air Warrior). Raised on Apple and Macintosh, Abbott is now the only member of his family who is a "PC."
MarkMark van Alphen
Mark joined Wikia's Community Development Team in December 2009, after having edited various wikis the year before that. Mark's especially interested in western role-playing games, as well as stealth-focused action games. Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Hitman and Splinter Cell are among his favorite games. If you'd like to get in touch with him, feel free to e-mail him or leave a message on his wall.
JorgeJorge Albor
Jorge Albor joined Wikia in March of 2012, but he's been writing and podcasting about video games for many years. He studied games in college too. Frankly, it's freakish how much time he spends engaging with entertainment. No wonder he works on video game wikis.
DougDoug Trein
Doug is a gaming-focused member of the Development Team who joined Wikia in August, 2012. Doug's passion for videogames would begin at the age of 5 with Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sega Genesis. Over the years, he would experience newer consoles and the joys of PC gaming. Doug enjoys the immersion that videogames can bring, along with exciting/emotional storytelling experiences. Taking an interest in game development, Doug joined an independent game company Lightborne Lore to create games of his own. Doug's favorite genres include JRPGs, first-person shooters, 2D fighters, and action/adventure games. Doug's interests also include music listening, anime/manga, paranormal/history topics, and hiking.
GraceGrace Cheung
Grace Cheung joined Wikia's Community Development Team in September 2012. Aside from a passion for instagramming her fantastic meals, Grace loves watching shows like Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, Girls, and any animes that happen to catch her interest. Her love of entertainment covers books as well, and her obsession with Harry Potter will probably last until she is as old and wise as Professor Dumbledore (aka forever).
ThomasThomas Meadows
Thomas Meadows
Tom has been with Wikia since late 2010, initially working solely on WoWWiki and covering Warcraft related news. Prior to that he worked as an editor for 38Studios with their Warcraft project, the now-defunct Azeroth Advisor. His education is with Counseling Psychology, meaning he has already diagnosed everyone on staff.

He is usually devoting the remainder of free time to his bubbly 2-year old girl and worrying about the next one on the way. His hobbies, aside from Warcraft, include reading voraciously, enjoying the outdoors, crafting liqueurs, and working on various manuscripts.

NickNick Friedland
Nick Friedland
Nick Friedland Also known to some as "Tin Tin" has been at Wikia for almost a year, and works as a Hispanic Community Development Associate. He is known for dressing exceptionally well, and having a calm, cool sensibility about him. His hobbies include Translating, Interpreting, Spanish, and not having time for additional hobbies.

Nick Friedland también conocido como "Tin Tin" ha sido miembro de Wikia por casi un año, y trabaja como socio del equipo del desarrollo de la comunidad hispana. Se le conoce por vestirse excepcionalmente bien, y por tener una personalidad sereno y onda. Entre sus pasatiempos se incluyen traduciendo, Español, y el no tener más tiempo para pasatiempos adicionales.

MattMatt Hadick
Matt joined Wikia in the end of April 2013 to help with entertainment wikis. He can't help but devour movies, television, and comic books, with an extra special place in his heart for all things science fiction. He's also a rabid Simpsons and Futurama fan. Aside from entertainment-oriented things, Matt loves games, music, coffee, and pizza.
ArianaAriana Snow
Ariana Snow joined Wikia's Community Development team in April 2013 as the Food & Drink representative. As you might be able to tell from her job title, she has a passion for food- whether it be baking pies at home, going out to her favorite neighborhood pizzeria, or browsing dozens of food blogs daily (her favorite is Smitten Kitchen). Aside from food, Ariana enjoys watching shows like Game of Thrones, True Blood, and The Mindy Project.
MichaelMichael Grimm
Michael joined Wikia in 2013, and is currently helping out with the Gaming side of things. This makes sense since he's a hopelessly addicted gamer who's been playing and writing about games as far back as he can recall. He loves music, automobiles/motorcycles, Earthbound, Dark Souls, and dark liquors. Enjoys making people laugh and disseminating funny links amongst the world.
File:Kanakofeurer.jpgKanako Feurer
Kanako has joined Wikia(July 2013) and as a Japanese Community Development Associate. She was born in Japan and moved to San Francisco in 2010. In her free time, she loves to do printmaking and play with her cat, LK.
Chen ShenChen Shen
Chen just recently joined Wikia (July, 2013) and works as a Chinese Community Development Associate. He was born in northern China and immigrated to the U.S. in 2008. Before joining Wikia, he worked in TV and fashion industry for a few years and then switched to digital media. When he is not at work, he loves art and likes creating stuff with wires and clay. He also loves coffee, tea and all kinds of desserts.
File:Thumbnail.jpgAna Fleischmann
Ana joined Wikia(November 2013) as a Portuguese Community Development Associate. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and moved to San Francisco in 2009. In her free time, she loves to take pictures and cook.
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