Stefani "Stef" Hudson
Some attributes
First Personality: Warmhearted, caring, stubborn, guarded, sometimes hostile.
Second DOB: November 29th, 1998 (17)
Third Clique: Outsider
Other attributes
Fourth Actress: Lucy Hale
Fifth Character Creator: Princess of the Fandoms
Sixth Availability: Taken by Princess of the Fandoms

Stefani Hudson is one of characters in the HS RP Wiki. She was created by and is played by Princess of the Fandoms.


Stefani Rachel Hudson was born in Anaheim, California to Francine "Fanny" Wilson and Robert "Rob" Hudson. She grew up extremely spoiled, getting whatever she wanted in a snap of her fingers. She was formerly the Queen Bee of Orange County Day, but was ridiculed out of her spot when she shaved her hair. After that, she was taunted more often and even got in a physical fight with a student. This, as she calls it, was "The Holocaust Starring Me". The attention eventually died down and later became friends again with Krirsten Manning.

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