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Full Name:Tiffany Furr. (No middle name)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

DOB: (Date of Birth) 05/05/1999 (16)

Eye and Hair Color: Green eyes, rainbow hair (Will attach picture depicting hairstyle)

Appearance/Fashion Sense: VERY short. Usually wears hoodies which are way to big for her. The main color she wears is black, sometimes white is thrown into the mix.

Backstory: Tiffany's mother died when she was 10, leaving her, her brother(Alex), her father(Rob), devastated. After a year, they were happy and closer than ever. That is, until her brother and father got abducted when she was 13. They were tortured and kept as slaves for three years. Recently, the wo showed up at her school and the three had a heart-warming reunion. Her grandmother is her mother's mother, and she is a descendant of the grat Amazonian warriors. Her grandmother educated her on the Amazonian ways, which later led to Tiffany being gifted. One day, she sleeps in class and dreams of a large Dire wolf with a muzzle on. Weirdly enough, Tiffany wasn't afraid, even when she took off the muzzle and the prehistoric creature licked her forehead. After that, she was able to speak to animals, sense emotions, incredible speed, good sense of smell, the ability to create and control titanium, and the power to transform into a wolf. She is the last Calieou, which means if she dies, so do all of the supernatural beings.

Personality: Hotheaded, violent to most guys, stubborn, sometimes childlike, animal loving, usually quiet, refuses to start fights, but will happily fight back if punches are thrown, speaks her mind when prompted. She is very sharp and notices minor details when no one else does. Lastly, she is very logical.


Actor/Actress: Pictureeeee. Don't know her name x3

Taken by 8ter

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