Tsukiko Fujioka is the mother of Akira & Ayaka Fujioka and the current glee club teacher for Ouran Academy. Tsukiko adopted Akira and Ayaka when they were 4 years old at a orphanage in Rhodes, Greece. After that, they moved to Japan and Tsukiko placed them in "St. Katherine's Girls' School and Church", a Catholic private school. They moved to California a few years later, Tsukiko now enrolling them at Ouran. She is portrayed by Maggie Q.

Tsukiko Fujioka
Some attributes
First DOB: November 21st, 1973 (41)
Second Personality: Protective, caring, strict, authoritative, tough, firm, punishing.
Third Species: Kitsune
Other attributes
Fourth Actress: Maggie Q
Fifth Character creator: POTF
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