Xander Marteinez
Some attributes
First DOB: March 30, 1998 (17)
Second Personality: Obsessive, talented, friendly, funny, gullible.
Third Height: 5'11
Other attributes
Fourth Actor: Sterling Knight
Fifth Band: Paramore

This is Xander Martinez. He's nice, funny, outgoing, and very gullible. Xander is a new student at OCD, but his mom put him there because they thought the school was for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder patients. Xander is apart of the band, Paramore, and plays drums. His look had drastically changed because he was depressed after Audrey declined his kiss and they never really spoke about it again. (Read more on the page Xandrey!) He is also depressed because of his father's murder, which happened 2 years before he met Audrey.

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